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Bar Graph
This script shows how to create a simple bar graph based on numbers pulled from a database. You can use it to compare just about any kind of percentage data. This script takes your highest number and uses it as your base of 100%.
Bot Blocker Form Submit Validation
This is a simple ASP script to keep bots from automatically submitting your forms for what ever reason for example an email form or a form to submit a post to a guestbook or blog. Using a combination of random numbers, VBScript escape codes and hexadecimal values, it will generate two separate codes, one for the user to submit and one to check against once the form is submitted.
Cookie Cutter
A script that will display the cookies for the domain that it resides along with their values and key values if they exist. Great utility to check if the cookies are holding the values you expected.
Quick and easy utility to find all the numbers that will divide evenly into a number. This quick and simple utility may help in setting up large tables. For example if I know I will have 4096 table cells, I will find out quickly that I could have a table of 256 rows of 16 cells each. Good example of a For...Next loop and use of Mod.
Email Address Validator Function
This function checks for just about anything I can think of for an email address to not be a valid formatted email address short of pinging the domain or sending an actual email and it returns a simple true or false.
HTML Color Chart
This is an HTML color reference chart that displays 4096 colors and gives you the option to choose a different background color.
It is also a good exercise in a triple "For...Next" loop and dynamic table generation. Plus demonstrates the Hex() function in VBScript.
Keyboard Alt Codes
This is a reference chart to the codes to type special characters using the "Alt" key and number pad on your keyboard. It is not necessarily for web development since it works in any text program. such as MS Word, Notepad or any other text editor. For example if you hold down "Alt" on your keyboard and type 0169 on your number pad your will get the copyright symbol. Alt+9733 will give you a solid colored star.
It is also a good exercise in a "For...Next" loop and dynamic table generation.
Multiple Dynamic Form Select
This is a script that will help you create a database driven secondary html select based off the selection of a database driven primary html select. This script uses a combination of ASP, JavaScript and AJAX to display the options. It will fill a second dropdown without refreshing or reloading your html page or form.
Multiple RSS News Feed Reader
This script will take several RSS news feeds and combine them into one feed for either display or to create a new RSS feed. It also checks for duplicate news articles and sorts the multiple feeds by date.
My Photo Gallery Script
This is the script that runs the photo galley on this web site. There are many different ways to do a photo galley. This one is a way to do it without a database allowing you to just upload new photos, graphics and images to a folder and then not worry about it.
Random Image From a Folder
This script is a sub routine that will select a random image from a folder then display it to the screen. It is the same script that is used on the home page of this web site.
Random Order Array
Let's say you have a list of quotes or any other list and you would like to display them in a random order whenever anyone access your page.
This code will take your list of quotes, descriptions, or whatever and display them in a random order, dispaying them all without repeating any of them. This code also demonsrates how to display an array in random order and different ways to use arrays.
Roman Numeral Converting Formatting Function
This is a function that will convert a number into Roman numerals. It takes a look at each place value then converts it into the appropriate roman mumeral value. This function also includes proper formatting of values of 4,999 up to 3,999,999,999.
RSS PubDate Date Formatting Function
As you may already know, RSS feeds need to have their PubDate formatted properly to use. You may also know that most databases do not store a date in the same format as a RSS Data Reed requres. This is a quick and easy way format your date into the required proper RSS PubDate.
RSS XML Data Feed Importer and Reader
This is an easy and simple ASP script that will import, read and display RSS data feeds. It uses Microsoft.XMLDOM to import and process the code. The way this code works, there is no need to use an external XSL style sheet since all the formatting is done right within the script.
Server To Server File Transfer
This script shows how to use XMLHTTP to transfer a file (or list of files) from a remote server (or domain) to the server that this script is running on. This example also checks to see if the files exists. If it does, it deletes the existing file then creates the new file. Otehrwise, it will not create the new file.
Server Variables
This script cycles through and outputs all of the server variables (Request.ServerVariables) that are available on this server.
String Converter
This script is one of those fun, but almost useless scripts, It converts any string inputed into an ASCII code string, Hexadecimal code string, Octal code string, Binary code string, Server.URLEncode string, and Server.HTMLEncode string.
Time Zone Adjustment Utility
If your server is in the Eastern time Zone and you are in the Pacific time zone, and you would like to get some accurate times without having to think as much. For example, you are keeping some kind of page hit log and you would like to see the time/date stamp in your time zone instead of the servers time zone.
VBScript and HTML escape codes.
This is a reference chart to the codes to display special characters in VB applications (known as VB Chr Codes) or in HTML (known as decimal codes or HTML Escape Codes). There is also a select list for fonts, so you can see what fonts can return other special symbols, like webdings and etc.
It is also a good exercise in a "For...Next" loop, dynamic table generation and there is also and expample of an array in the font selection form and selecting a value from a drop-down after a form has been submitted.
Vertical Column Table Results
How to display data results from a query in a multiple column table listing the data vertically from top to bottom, similarly to newspaper format. Here is a process that can do that for you and even give you the flexibility to change only the number of columns and the data that is displayed.
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